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Chain Drive Opener Features

Chain Drive Opener Features
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Motor Unit

Chain Drive Opener FeaturesThis is the driving force of the opener. The unit is mounted on the garage ceiling. The distance between that and the wall above the door is based on the door’s height.

*Circuit Board

Its job is to connect all the electronic components in the opener system including the lights, the safety sensors, and the controls. If it fails, the system will stop working.


It gets electrical power and transforms it into mechanical power so that you can operate the door automatically. The traditional AC motor is sturdy, dependable and durable. With a DC motor, on the other hand, you will get a quicker start and softer opening and closing, plus quieter operation.

*Motor Hardware

The motor features a worm drive gear which comes into direct contact with a plastic gear. This gear sits on a shaft. On the other end of the shaft, there is a metal sprocket and the chain goes around it. The plastic gear spins the shaft and the sprocket so that the chain can drive the door to open and close.

*Limit Switches

These are found at the back of the unit. They are adjusted to regulate how far down and up the door can travel during closing and opening.

Hardware Parts

These connect the motor unit to the door and are responsible for its normal operation.


This is practically the metal chain which is very similar to that of a bicycle. It is driven by the motor thanks to the moving gear and sprocket.


The chain sits inside the metal rail. The rail goes from the motor unit to the wall above the garage door.


This small component is connected to the chain. When the chain is driven back and forth, it moves along with it.

*Moving Arm

This component is attached to the trolley on one side and to the garage door on the other. This is how the trolley opens and closes the door with the help of the drive and the motor.

*Release Handle

When you pull the handle, the moving arm gets detached from the trolley. This is how to disconnect the door from the opener. This is necessary in emergencies such as a broken spring.

Opener Accessories

The main ones are included in the package and are required for the normal operation of the system.

*Safety Sensors

They come in pairs and installed on the sides of the door. One emits an infrared beam and the other catches it while the door is closing. If this beam gets interrupted by a person or object, the opener receives a signal to reverse the door.

*Remote Controls

The standard ones feature a single button. When you want to open the door from the outside, you push the button and the remote emits a signal. A receiver attached to the motor captures it and the door gets opened automatically.

*Stationary Controls

There is a button mounted on the wall inside the garage and a wireless keypad installed outside. They are used for operating the opener without using the remote.

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