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Three Main Opener Types

Garage Door Openers in New JerseyThere are many famous and popular opener brands out there, such as Genie, Liftmaster, Marantec and more. There are, however, different types of openers as well. The screw drive, belt drive, and chain drive openers. The most common one is the chain drive, as it is reliable and affordable. However, this type has a downside: it is rather noisy. Houses with attached garage doors will certainly notice when the door is in operation thanks to the metal links rubbing against one another, and most people find to be really noisy, especially in quiet residential neighborhoods. However, there is a quieter alternative – the belt drive opener.


Opt for a Belt Drive Garage Opener

If you don’t approve of the noisy chain drive opener systems, perhaps the belt drive will be your best pick considering it is the quietest of all other garage door opener systems. Using a rubbery belt rather than metal pieces, it’s no surprise that belt drive openers provide a quieter operation. This system is relatively the same as the chain drive opener besides the fact that it operates with rubber-like pieces as opposed to metal chains, though this system tends to cost a slight bit more than its counterparts. Most people believe the belt drive system is a luxurious option, but it’s actually quite affordable and may be worth every cent if you want an opener that’s really quiet yet still provides a reliable function. Count on our team for anything you need – we professionally install, repair and replace openers of all types and brands.

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