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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs
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It's amazing how easy it is for just about anyone to lift open a garage door. This is made possible with the use of powerful garage door springs. Without them, lifting a door that could weigh over 300 lbs would be next to impossible. You would probably need the help of a few neighbors every time you need to get your car out.

The Benefits of Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

There are two main types of garage door springs that are used for any garage door setup. The first type is the torsion spring. This is a large gauge spring that is capable of lifting large heavy doors all on its own. The power comes from the torque that is loaded into the spring. To prepare the spring, it needs to be wound several times. The amount of turns made will depend on the overall weight of the door that needs to be raised. The heavier the door, the more torque is needed to store the sufficient amount of force. The other type of spring used is the extension spring. Unlike a torsion spring, extension springs have to be installed in pairs, one for each side of the door. You'll see them secured to a bracket at the left and right sides of the door just beside the tracks. These springs don't operate on torsion but instead they rely on the force generated by the recoil to lift the door up and to ease it down.

The Trouble with Springs

There's no two ways about it, the garage door springs that are used in a typical garage setup are quite dangerous. They are large, tightly wound or fully extended springs that are sometimes not secured in place properly. Extension springs can sometimes just be hooked on to a bracket without safety cables. If they happen to slide or break off, the force with which they snapped off could injure anyone in its path or damage your car. Torsion springs could suddenly release their tension, when they're improperly adjusted. Reports of severe limb injury have been documented. Keep on the safe side and call one of our professionals.

Safety First – Call Us!

Just remember, if you're thinking about improving the safety of your extension springs with the addition of cables or if you think your torsion springs could need adjusting, call us today. Our technicians at Garage Door Repair Belleville are on standby, waiting to serve you. Call now!

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