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Gate Repair Services
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Accurate Hinge Repair

Gate Hinge RepairIf you have a swing gate, you should know that the hinges are responsible for keeping it in place and enabling its smooth opening and closing. If they are noisy or don’t seem to hold the panels firmly, get in touch with us and we’ll fix them. Our work starts with inspection. Often, the hinges require tightening and greasing to start working properly again. If our check shows bending, count on us to straighten the affected components. Our technicians are experts in hinge welding repair. In case of wearing, we’ll replace the components with new ones of the same size. All of our spare parts are specially selected for their strength and durability. 

Timely Chain Replacement

Most automatic sliding gates have a chain drive opener. The chain, which runs around a set of sprockets, is driven by the electric motor. This component is quite durable, but it is exposed to great friction when the gate opens and closes. That is why even with proper lubrication, it may break eventually. When you have a broken chain, count on us to replace it quickly with an exactly matching one and expect an accurate adjustment. This is how we ensure that the entire opener functions perfectly at all times. Remember that regular lubrication is essential for the smooth work of the chain. It will also keep noise levels to a minimum.

Dealing with Clicker Problems

It’s great to just push the button and have the driveway gate open in front of you and close behind you once you are on your property. But what if the remote control doesn’t work? Our gate repair services cover not only hardware, motors and panels, but also all electronic accessories. We’ll check the remote and fix it to restore its normal operation. If your clicker has failed completely or it’s nowhere to be found, count on us to replace it with a new one. Programming is an integral part of our service to give customers complete peace of mind.

If you have any kind of problem with your automatic gate, report it to us, at “Garage Door Repair Belleville”, for a quick professional solution. 

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