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Is it really important to follow the scheduled maintenance service?

Yes, our experts say that following the scheduled maintenance service is important because they are scheduled as such for a reason. If you missed one, then look for your next available date to have the garage door inspected and serviced. This will ensure that your garage door is in its best working condition.

What does it mean if my garage door makes loud noises?

Noises coming from the garage door could mean that the hinges or the tracks need lubrication. Another source of noise could be the springs that have stiffened up and are due for replacement.Pinpoint the exact source of the noise and it probably means that some maintenance work is needed, whether repairs or replacement.

What are wind load garage doors?

Wind load garage doors are simply doors that have undergone wind resistance tests. Our experts in Belleville say that wind load should be a top priority when choosing a door, if you live in areas that are prone to strong winds and hurricanes. Also, while this is optional for residences, certain states have a wind load standard for commercial doors.

How do you address a remote sensor problem?

Our garage door repair experts say that sensor issues are some of the most common problems with door openers. In fact, the sensor and remote control are the first things that should be checked when the door opener fails to work. To check, ascertain that the battery is not weak and perform a close-range remote control test

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